Docker jupyter/datascience-notebook browser not found

Current environment, Windows 10. Beginner with docker. Experienced with Anaconda jupyter notebook on Windows 10 and ubuntu.

From a fresh factory reset of docker on this Dell laptop running Windows 10, in a Windows 10 Power shell prompt I use

docker run hello-world
This works and
docker image ls
shows it.

docker pull jupyter/datascience-notebook
This installs and
docker image ls
shows it.

docker run jupyter/datascience-notebook
runs, and suggests URLs to copy and paste into in a browser window.
I open firefox, and try the URLs.
I get not found.

Back in the Power Shell
I type ctrl-c to get back to the prompt

docker container ls --all
shows it

d3107b272d4c jupyter/datascience-notebook “tini -g – start-no…” 2 minutes ago Up 2 minutes 8888/tcp pedantic_panini

I stop it with

docker container stop pedantic_panini

I remove it with

docker container rm pedantic_panini

and verify it is absent with

docker container ls --all

from the docker desktop symbol in the Notifications area of Windows 10 I use troubleshoot-> reset to factory defaults.
to get back to the beginning. I try this three times.

What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum!
You’ll need to enable port-forwarding to make the ports in the Docker container accessible on the host, e.g. by adding -p 8888:8888. See the instructions here:

Note I don’t have any experience of running Docker on Windows so there might be other issues, but give it a try anyway :grinning:.