Creating new tag for HPC?

Hi there!

As part of an effort to raise the visibility of the Jupyter + HPC community some of us (@mbmilligan, @cmd-ntrf, @MridulS, myself and others) were wondering if it would be possible to have an “HPC” tag created on the discourse here to allow us to group posts together?

We think a tag is appropriate if they can span multiple categories: While the monthly HPC meeting notes have been collected under the JupyterHub team-compass, we’ve discovered that Jupyter-related topics we need to discuss as a group go beyond the scope of JupyterHub spawners, authenticators, etc. and into JupyterLab extensions (e.g. jupyter-lmod, jupyter-slurm-provisioner, and other interesting things). We think Discourse would be a great way to advertise these projects and efforts, and being able to group them with a tag would help us all keep track across the relevant categories.

We’d also like to be able to start directing Jupyter users with support questions to Discourse, and keep Github issues focused on bugs reports and feature requests.

I’m not 100% sure site-feedback is the place to socialize and request this but I think creating Discourse tags is an admin privilege. Hopefully @consideRatio or @choldgraf can advise. Thanks!


A new tag hpc

I fully agree that this makes sense!

I’ve now created a tag called hpc, and with that in place you can watch posts based on tags using How to watch Discourse categories and tags.


I see there is a sub-category under the JupyterHub category: HPC meeting 2019 - Jupyter Community Forum, should this be renamed to “HPC meetings” or similar btw? A rename won’t break links btw!

@rcthomas and others in HPC looking to use this forum, let me know if I can help in another way as a discourse admin or moderator.

We are limited to how many users can be declared as admin (me and @choldgraf) and moderators (@manics, @fomightez, @jasongrout). Anyone of us has permissions to create tags and categories and/or subcategories for example.

Hey, @consideRatio thanks for setting this up!!!

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