Create a TLJH subcategory?

Heya! I’m redirecting people to discourse for support / user questions about TLJH. I think it’ll be useful to create a separate subcategory, since knowing folks are using TLJH will help narrow down the kinds of responses they should get. What do you think?


There is one already! #jupyterhub:tljh, oh a separate one for support / user questions, as compared to “general TLJH”?

oh lol, I was looking for a category named ‘The Littlest JupyterHub’ and totally missed this one :slight_smile:

To that extent, think that it’d be better if we renamed to “The Littlest JupyterHub” instead of “tljh” (just the title, the URL would remain the same)

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Yes I would like that too.


done! I also renamed the Z2JH one as well