Conda installed but command not found

When a new user log in to the jupyterhub I see that by doing pip list I have conda 4.14 already installed but when I try to use it i have the message error of “command not found”

I have already try to activate the path but I am confuse about where to point this.

thank you!

What Spawner are you using, and is $PATH in a terminal?

Generally this means you need to set the PATH environment, and how will depend on which Spawner you use. If it’s a container, this is usually

You can always use Spawner.environment, but this isn’t very nice for PATH since you have to explicitly set the full path, and can’t do simple additions like PATH=/something/bin:$PATH

I often like to use a launch script that does things like activate environments, source profile files, etc. so that PATHs are what you expect from a typical shell session.

can you please tell me how to check my spawner I am complety new with linux and TLJH so I dont really know where everything is located and how it works :(.

Sorry for not replying sooner.

You can check your path in a terminal with echo $PATH, or in Python with:

import os

If you’re using TLJH and haven’t changed anything, you are using systemdspawner. You can use find to locate the conda executable. You may also find the tljh docs on installing packages useful.