Conda Enviroments are not Showing up in JupyterLab Kernel Selection

On my development VM (CentOS) I switched from base python and JupyterLab (web version) to miniconda and JupyterLab (web version). Now I’m struggling to be able to switch to different environments.

  1. I Installed miniconda

  2. I uninstalled the original Jupyter installation with:

/usr/bin/python36 -m pip uninstall -y jupyter jupyter_core jupyter-client jupyter-console jupyterlab_pygments qtconsole notebook nbconvert nbformat nbclassic nbclient jupyterlab-widgets jupyter-events jupyter-server jupyter-server-terminals

  1. Purged ~/.jupyter/
  2. Installed jupyter on miniconda with: conda install -c conda-forge notebook
  3. Installed nb_conda_kernels to manage conda environments from jupyter with:conda install -c conda-forge nb_conda_kernels
  4. Created a test env with ‘conda create --name test_1’

This environment shows up with conda env list but even after restarting JupyterLab, the only two options I have in the Kernel selector are:

  • Python 3 (ipykernel)
  • python [conda env:root]*

no test_1 environment

On Start up nb_conda_kernels tells me it found only 1 Kernel

Also on a sidenote, the extension manager still shows some old extensions from the Old Installation, so it seems some stuff got moved over. I used jupyter --paths to find and delete remnants of these old extensions, but they still show up in the extension manager.