Choose different User Profile while Logging into JupyterHub

Hi guys, anybody know if it is possible for the same user to choose a different profile while re-logging into JupyterHub on K8s? Or are user profiles carved in stone? The persistent volume should still get attached as is, from the previous profile work, though.

Hi! Could you explain what you mean by a “user profile”?

Thanks for responding, @manics! Sorry for the confusion. Profiles: Customizing User Environment — Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes documentation.

I mean that only a single server will run at a time for a user, just that if they sign in/up with Profile A, they should be able migrate somehow to Profile B (re-logging in is ok) if need be. Is this possible somehow?

If you stop your server instead of logging out do you see the profile selection form when you try to start a new server?

That seems to do the trick! Thanks a lot, really appreciate the help