Jupyterhub Profile without persistence in Kubernetes deployment

Cheers everyone!

I have a question that might be a bit confusing: Is it possible to configure a profile for the singleuser that does not use any type of persistence ? Even if it means that the notebooks wont be stored.

The reason for trying this is that we have a node in which we cannot configure properly the persistent volumes because it is an arm-based machine (& other reasons). But we would like to test the deployment of a server on top of it.

Is this possible?

You can turn off user storage, see this section of the zero-to-jupyterhub guide:

Thanks for the answer @manics

However, what that doc explains is to deactivate the storage for all the profiles, if I haven’t missunderstood it, but we are looking for deactivating it for only one of the profiles defined under singleuser.

Is this possible?

Thank you!