Changing runtime parameters for the single user image


I am running a single-user image that runs rstudio. We have had issues in the past where students crash the container causing a core dump. I know we eventually have to troubleshoot why rstudio is crashing but I was hoping for a quick band-aid. I ran the image locally on my desktop with the following parameters. This does indeed set the core file size.
docker run --ulimit core=0 -p 8889:8888 ucsb/pstat-131:latest

Is there a way to add these parameters to the config.yaml file in order to update the jupyterhub?

Are you using Dockerspawner? It has some parameters for passing arbitrary options:
Try adding your ulimit config to extra_host_config:

I’m using whatever the default spawner is for the zero to jupyterhub on kubernetes.

That’ll be kubespawner. I don’t know if you can easily set ulimits on kubernetes.