Cannot get the scatterplot visual in the JupyterLab console

Can’t really tell much more without more information, but some options to maybe get something to show up in that right column:

  • add a call to the line magic %matplotlib inline somewhere at the top of each notebook that uses matplotlib
  • upgrade to the most recent IPython/ipykernel (7.30.*), which requires matplotlib-inline and will obviate the need for it
    • this requires at least python 3.7, but python 3.6 is EOL now, so it’s a good time to upgrade… clear up to 3.9 if you can, 3.10 still seems to have a few remaining issues on windows.

That screenshot also identifies some of the challenges of stock lab at smaller resolution: it looks like you’re getting about 50% of your vertical screen taken up by toolbars, etc. If you can, using the browser’s Full Screen setting will help a lot.

Further, regarding the visual clutter: in the View menu, you may want to try turning off the status bar, and switching to Single Document Mode. You can then still use the tabs sidebar to switch between open files.