Can I run executable " *.exe " on Jupyter notebook somehow?

Hey, everyone!

I am new to Jupyter Notebook, and I have a question that: is there a way to embed an executable .exe file in Jupyter Notebook somehow?

I am developing some interactive visualizations on Unity and Godot, and want to link them together with Jupyter which could write some “Markdowns” and add some more widgets written by Jupyter’s “ipywidgets” in python.

I can export Unity and Godot to *exe files and *html webs. If I export them as *exe files, could I put them on Jupyter notebook like a Youtube video thing? If I export them as *html webs and host them on a web server, could I embed the web window on Jupyter notebook like a video as well?

Thank you very much!


Well, the markdown cells can also include HTML and that way you can use iframes to include external web pages if both the server and the browser support that.

Great to know it can work! Thank you!