Broken Notebook view in Chrome

A week ago, I pressed a weird combination of keys and all of the sudden my Jupyter notebook changed views. The scroll bars on the sides of each cell had quadrupled in size. I tried reverting it, but was unable to find a way. I then tried to close the note book, reset the notebook, uninstall/reinstall anaconda, to no avail. What ended up fixing it was unintalling/ reinstalling chrome. All of the sudden my view was back to normal- for a few days. It went back and now uninstalling chrome does not work.

I opened the notebook (by copying/ pasting the token) in microsoft edge, and the view is fine, however, it felt tangibly slower than in chrome. Has anyone experienced a similar issue and found a fix?

Here are some screen shots of the notebook. The first is how the notebook looks right when I open it- extremely zoomed out. After zooming in, the scroll bars are huge and obscure most of the code in the cell, i.e., a block of code that was viewable without scrolling while the bars were normal now requires me to scroll up/down/left/right.

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to read this far and takes a look at the pictures! This issue is extremely frustrating, as this computer is less than two weeks old (Surface 3), and my old “clunky” computer never had this issue. I’d like to be working on my project right now instead of trying to figure out why my interface is all screwy!