Broken nb view in Chrome

Hey I have posted this a few time on Stack overflow and on this forum, and only got one response, which was to move from Google Chrome to Brave. I would like to move back if possible, so hopefully someone can help, but I have not encountered anyone with a similar issue.

A few months ago, I was coding in a jupyter notebook (python). I don’t know how to describe this issue other than to say my hand basically spazzed out and I pressed a weird combination of keys. All of the sudden, my Jupyter notebook looked really weird, with super fat scroll bars on each of the cells. I was not able to fix this within the notebook.

Reloading the notebook does nothing; upon opening my file directory, the view is extremely zoomed out. No big deal, I can just zoom right back in. However, upon opening another notebook, the scroll bars are still super fat, to the point where I can’t see what is going on in the cell.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. I tried reseting settings in Chrome. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling anaconda. I tried deleting jupyter within the Anaconda folder and then reinstalling jupyter. All to no avail.

As I mentioned above, I am able to open the notebook in Brave with none of the before mentioned issues; however, it is frustrating that I am unable to use Chrome anymore. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

I’d try resetting your zoom in Chrome and deleting all your cookies / local storage for localhost.