Binding "O" vs "I" to a keyboard shortcut

I am trying to bind “I” to notebook:enter-edit-mode. Unfortunately, when I press “I”, there is a ~1s delay before edit mode is entered. On the contrary, if I bind “O” or “Enter” to notebook:enter-edit-mode, edit mode is instantaneously entered.

I hypothesize this is because when I type “I”, JupyterLab is waiting to see if I’m going to press another key, whereas JupyterLab doesn’t do this for “O” or “Enter”.

Yes, that is exactly what is going on. The difference here is that there is a shortcut " I I", i.e., two consecutive presses of the I key ( jupyterlab/plugin.json at b89064d77803c4b10fe2fc44d885507d2aa3051a · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub ). Jlab waits for a second or so to see if you are going to press a second I or not. You’ll need to disable that shortcut of you want immediate action on a single press.