Jupyter, iPad and external keyboard

I’m running Jupyter on an iPad, with an external keyboard attached. Edit-mode goes well, and all manners of entering edit mode are working as expected (click inside a cell, use the enter key while in command mode). My problem is with command mode.

Sometimes, Jupyter is in command-mode and responds to the keyboard keys (jk to go up or down a cell, up or down arrows, M and Y to change the type of a cell). Othertimes, it seems to be in a weird state, where no keyboard input is processed, which is annoying. There is no easy way to get out of this state, except by going back to edit mode, or clicking randomly on the page until keyboard control resumes.

  • pressing the Escape key while in edit mode reliably triggers this weird mode.
  • clicking next to a code cell while in edit mode mostly triggers this weird mode (I’d say 90 % of the time)
  • clicking next to the result of a cell while in edit mode mostly switches to regular command-mode (about 90 % of the time).

I’m seeing this behaviour both on notebooks running on distant servers and on notebooks running locally on the iPad. It happens both in Notebooks and in JupyterLab, but not in NbClassic. I have access to a debugger console, so I can run more tests if you suggest tests.

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