Binder behind outbound proxy

We need to run a binderhub behind an outbound proxy.
To get this to work, my idea is to pass PROXY_* env vars to the build pod.
Currently env vars set in the values.yaml for binder do not propagate to the build pod.

Would that be something for a PR?

If yes:
What do you think would be best?

  • Pass all environment variables from os.environ to the new pod
  • Just pass the PROXY_* vars
  • Somehow get the vars from extraEnv and pass them.

Edit: Not sure if the env propagating will help. The crucial thing which made it work in my case, was to inject a .docker/config.json containing the proxy vars into the build pod (the one spawned in

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This issue has come up before:

There’s an open PR but it only deals with the Binderhub side, another one may be needed on the repo2docker side.

It’d be good to get your feedback on that issue, especially with regards to whether it’d work for you, and whether you think there are other implementations that should be considered.


Thx! Just commented on the PR

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I now provided all infos about my solution in the PR.
What do you think: Should I open a new PR? Should I commit to the current PR?
As mentioned in the PR: There are 2 approaches:

  • create a config_map via python api
  • create a config_map in a helm template

Which approach would you prefer? Or do you see a different solution?

Filed a follow up PR for binderhub:

@betatim I tested this PR together with

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