Bash terminal under Jupyter vs standard terminal. (Keyring access?)

So far I have had no problem with the bash terminal under Jupyter - it’s been great.

I now have an issue.

I am trying to use ecryptfs, and under the Jupyter terminal it fails, but it works under a normal terminal.

So far, I have got as far as the following trying to trouble shoot this.

Using the command keyctl under Jupyter terminal gives this,

keyctl show

Session Keyring
Unable to dump key: Key has been revoked

under a normal terminal I get the expected result…

Session Keyring
91518380 --alswrv 1000 1000 keyring: _ses
347072029 --alswrv 1000 65534 _ keyring: _uid.1000
652578464 --alswrv 1000 1000 _ user: {some standarddata here}

I am logged in as the same user on both above attempts.

Two questions…

  1. Can anyone help with this issue?
  2. Can I be pointed to documentation on the limitations of the terminal under Jupyter.

Thank you. :slight_smile: