Font not readable in terminal in JupyterLab and Firefox

When I open a terminal in JupyterLab, the fonts are not readable.


JupyterLab 1.23.5
Firefox 116.0.3

JupyterLab is running on Kubeflow 1.7 which is running within Minikube v1.31.2.

I already had this problem with a Firefox extension (but I don’t remember which one).

Try disabling your Firefox extensions to see if the issue persists.

I disabled all extensions and the problem still exists.

have you tried with another browser?

Yes, it works with Chrome. But still want to find out why it does not work with Firefox.

JupyterLab 1.23.5

There is no such a JupyterLab version (jupyterlab · PyPI). Can you check again? Do you also see the issue on demo?

I remember the problem now, it was not an extension problem (sorry) but a configuration’s one.

In about:config the `privacy.resistFingerprinting parameter was true. You have to set it to false (unfortunately).

osom, that is the reason. Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh, I wrongly assumed that the Jupyter Servers version is the version of JupyterLab:

 [I 2023-09-04 18:43:29.035 ServerApp] Jupyter Server 1.23.5 is running at: 
 [I 2023-09-04 18:43:29.035 ServerApp] http://nfs-workspace-0:8888/notebook/kubeflow-user-example-com/nfs-workspace/lab

I checked now the packages which are installed, and according to this it should be 3.4.3.

Yes, the issue happens at xterm.js as well. When I have resistFingerprinting set to true as @djangoliv pointed out.

Would you mind opening an issue on Issues · xtermjs/xterm.js · GitHub and linking it here? I see that there was a lesser problem mentioned in Blurry text and no copy-pasting in Firefox · Issue #3380 · xtermjs/xterm.js · GitHub but there is a difference between having blurry text and having unusable terminal at all. It could be down to a change in a newer Firefox version.

Done: Font not readable in terminal and Firefox · Issue #4746 · xtermjs/xterm.js · GitHub