Auto-run markdown cells when losing focus

It would be great if JupyterLab had the same behavior as Google Colab regarding the markdown cells: whenever it loses focus, the cell is automatically run. Thus the markdown content is always shown as intended, except when you double-click to edit it. I think it makes much more sense than having to run the markdown cells one by one. This is especially true when you have a large notebook with lots of notes, links, images, etc.
This would also avoid one other feature I don’t see useful: when the markdown cell is not run (ie it is on ‘edit mode’ -not sure if that is the correct name), the navigation by clicking on the table of content on the left does not work. This is a pitty, because then you have to manually go to that section and run the markdown cell… but it is too late because you already reached that section, thus the table of content did no serve the purpose of navigation (that is SUPER convenient to give structure and move within a long notebook)

So, summarizing, the behavior I hope to see one day in JupyterLab is the following: you create a markdown cell, and fill it (or not) with whatever content. Then as soon as you move out of the cell (ie click outside it), the cell is automatically run so its markdown content is always shown when you are working in other cells.

Thanks for this amazing software!!