[ANN] Jupyter Releaser

Jupyter Releaser contains a set of helper scripts and GitHub Actions to aid in automated releases of Python and npm packages. We are currently evaluating it against jupyter_server and notebook.


This project should help maintainers reduce toil and save time in the release process by enforcing best practices to:

  • Automate a changelog for every release
  • Pre-publish to test server and verify the install and import of dist asset(s)
  • Commit a message with hashes of dist file(s)
  • Annotate the git tag in standard format
  • Create a GitHub release with changelog entry
  • Verify url links in markdown and reStructuredText files
  • Verify integrity of Python manifest
  • Forward port changelog entries into default branch
  • Dry run publish on CI
  • Revert to Dev version after release (optional)