Jupyter-releaser publishers

I’m trying to use the jupyter-releaser to publish a jupyterlab extension (client typescript, backend python) to npmjs only and exclude pypi for now.

I tried every configuration I can find online, which are not many, with no luck so far. I added the following two command lines to the finalize release section. It did nt owork.
twine-cmd: ‘twine upload --skip-existing --verbose dist/*’
npm_cmd: ‘npm publish --tag next’

I removed the authentication part for pypi. Got this error.
ERROR HTTPError: 403 Forbidden from upload.pypi.org · PyPI
Invalid or non-existent authentication information. See
Help · PyPI for more information.

Is what I’m trying to do doable using jupyter-releaser?


exclude pypi for now.

It should be possible to configure the skip option of the releaser to not build the Python package for now.

For example the following config in pyproject.toml might do the trick:

skip = [ "build-python"]