Announcement Service

Hi everyone. I wrote the little example “announcement” service that’s bundled with JupyterHub. We actually used it in our deployment for a while. I’ve finally gotten around to making a better announcement service with an actual UI. You can find it linked below.

I’ve tested it as a separate external docker-compose-based JupyterHub Service and also as a Hub-managed service.

One thing I wanted was for the service to have a UI (the old one only had REST endpoints) that jived with the rest of JupyterHub and through a bit of hacking I was able to make that work. It made me wonder if service developers wanted the same thing, or maybe that isn’t important.

It’s not a replacement for a real center’s live status or MOTD page, but it might be a useful tool for communicating with users about upcoming JupyterHub updates and news you want to share. Anyway I just got started on it and thought people might want to take a look. Feedback welcome, happy Friday.


Went ahead and added a simple persist mechanism for announcements. I’ve also added some handy pictures to the README to show what it looks like when it’s running. We’ll see how it goes I guess!