[ANN] Gateway Provisioners 0.1.0

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Gateway Provisioners has left the launch pad with its initial 0.1.0 release! :rocket:

Gateway Provisioners provides a great example of the kinds of functionality that can be accomplished with the introduction of Kernel Provisioners in jupyter_client 7.0

With this release, applications like Jupyter Lab, hosted in Kubernetes via Hub, can leverage pod-based kernels to access high-compute resources without having to configure Enterprise Gateway. In addition, this release allows us to begin work on Enterprise Gateway 4.0 - which will remove its use of the original provisioners (process proxies) and allow us to leverage some of the great work done in Jupyter Server 2.0.

Also note that if you want to leave your Lab instance on your desktop, you can configure Jupyter Kernel Gateway and Gateway Provisioners running within a managed cluster and take advantage of higher compute resources that way.

Please swing by any of the Gateway projects, check things out, and say hello - we’d love to see you!