Amazon CodeWhisperer JupyterLab extension installation

Hi Team, I have JupyterLab version 3.5 installed on Anaconda.

I installed a JupyterLab extension version 3.5.3 for Amazon CodeWhisperer with the code:

pip install amazon-codewhisperer-jupyterlab-ext
jupyter server extension enable amazon_codewhisperer_jupyterlab_ext

Amazon CodeWhisperer documentation: ( Setting up CodeWhisperer with JupyterLab - CodeWhisperer (

Error message in Windows PowerShell:

note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
ERROR: Failed building wheel for amazon-codewhisperer-jupyterlab-ext
Failed to build amazon-codewhisperer-jupyterlab-ext
ERROR: Could not build wheels for amazon-codewhisperer-jupyterlab-ext, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

Thanks for your assistance in advance

I couldn’t get it to work either, I follow the same instructions but go this error

Enabling: amazon_codewhisperer_jupyterlab_ext

  • Writing config: C:\Users\Don\anaconda3\etc\jupyter
    • Validating amazon_codewhisperer_jupyterlab_ext…
      X Validation failed: The module ‘amazon_codewhisperer_jupyterlab_ext’ could not be found (No module named ‘amazon_codewhisperer_jupyterlab_ext’). Are you sure the extension is installed?

The installation was successfully but I can’t add the extension

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Nevermind I fixed it, I was installing it in python311 instead of conda i’m dumb


Thank you Don for looking into this issue for me and testing it out. I will try it now.

Hey I;m not sure I understand how you solved this. I’m getting the same error, how did you fix this?