Admin page doesn't work due to 404 error for /hub/static/js/admin-react.js

Hello everyone,

We followed instructions #1266 to customize templates, it works great with few unpleasant surprises!!!

That sounds like maybe you got the templates from jupyterhub 2.0b1, but are running jupyterhub 1.x. Is that possible?

We took latest JupyterHub UX templates from here Github repo

We are running 1.1.3

Make sure to use the same version of JupyterHub that you are deploying. 1.1.3 of the helm chart deploys JupyterHub 1.4.2.

Cool that fixed it, thanks for the quick turned around.
We use this to customize JH logo and favicon.

Do you know how to fix SingleUser templates?

We use custom image for SingleUser servers; if that make things easy.