Admin panel not accessible in jupyterhub 2.0.1

I am aware of the recent changes of the role-based access right, which was introduced in 2.0.0 version. But I noticed that in the recent update of 2.0.1, /home/admin# page returns me an almost blank page! Is this a bug in my configuration of my role or the admin panel is removed totally?
Currently my configuration includes:
c.Authenticator.admin_users = {“my user name”}

You wouldn’t happen to be proxying your JupyterHub behind Nginx would you? I ran into a similar problem and was able to resolve it by following the suggestions by the helpful users in this GitHub issue:

Thanks for your reply, but I do not use nginx as a reverse proxy!

I was able to fix this by stopping the jupyterhub server, deleting jupyterhub.sqlite, and then restarting the server.

I am facing the same problem with jupyterhub on kubernetes, do you know where is the jupyterhub.sqlite file or how to delete it.