Admin ability to access servers missing in JupyterHub 2.1.1

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I am running the JupyterHub 2.1.1 docker image and I noticed that the admin interface is missing some key features from v1.5, such as the ability to access user servers.

It appears that this functionality has already been reinstated via PR 3790, however that PR was merged after the v2.1.1 release on Jan 25th and there hasn’t been any subsequent release. Are there any plans to publish a small release in the near future to include those missing feature? I couldn’t find any details on the release cadence for Jupyterhub or any guidance on when to expect such a release, so that’s why I’m asking here.



Note that in JupyterHub 2.1.1 (and actually 2.0) you can access the user notebooks manually by appending the suffix /user/{username}/ to the base url of the hub. The patch only adds the missing links.

Good to know ykazakov! I will certainly let our admins know that this is possible (manipulating the URL manually to access user notebooks). That said, I think we’d all agree it’s a work-around and not an optimal user experience, so definitely still interested to know when a patch release might be possible.

I am thinking about using the master branch until there is a new release.

There are a few other related issues that might (or might not!) need to be resolved before a release.

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2.2.0 was released today jupyterhub · PyPI

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