Adding new rules to the tljh traefik proxy

I’m attempting (and failing) to add new rules to the tljh-installed traefik proxy, and would appreciate some guidance/examples. Specifically, I have tljh running on using the default rules.toml:

backend = "backend__2F"
passHostHeader = true

rule = "PathPrefix:/"
data = "{\"hub\": true}"

url = ""
weight = 1

and traefik.toml (snippet):

email = ""
storage = "acme.json"
entryPoint = "https"
main = ""

I also have two web servers running from docker containers on the same server at:

where do1, jbook and nbgrader are all A records pointing at the same server ip.

I’d like to use traefik to proxy these so that they are (only) accessible as:


As a first cut, I tried adding a file rules/rules_extra.toml with the following:

backend = "backend__2G"
passHostHeader = true

rule = ""

url = ""
weight = 1

backend = "backend__2H"
passHostHeader = true

rule = ""

url = ""
weight = 1

Not suprisingly, this doesn’t work, but my google skills are not up to locating any simple examples that do work for traefik v1.7 running on the host and proxying docker containers. Perhaps some combination of rules_extra.toml and docker labels would work?

I’d be grateful for any pointers to examples, documentation etc. For instance, I’m unable to find documentastion that explains what “data=” is doing in the frontend__2F rule. Obviously lots of people manage to become fluent in traefik, but the v1.7 - v2.0 changes and the file vs. docker label rules format are creating a pretty thick fog layer – I’d be happy to provide a writeup with the specifics for this case once I get it working.

I’d also like to expose the api dashboard using basic authentication, but one step at a time.

thanks, Phil