Accessing local service in the same way as a server-process


First post, and let my start by saying thank you for this highly useful, usable and configurable set of components that is jupyter.

I am setting up a service in the jupyterhub user-server pod in an extra-container, as specified in the helm-chart.
The service is up and running, and I can access it through https://{base_url}/user/{user_name}/proxy/{port}

If I had started the service as a server through jupyter_server_proxy, then I would be able to set a name for accessing the service, e.g. myservice. I could then reach the service through https://{base_url}/user/{user_name}/myservice
Is there a way to do this for a service that is running in the extra-container?
It seems like jupyter_server_proxy is not capable of handling this since a command for starting the server is mandatory, and my service is already running.

As a bonus, I would also like to be able to set an icon for the launcher, as can be done for the server-processes.

I guess what I am asking is:
Is there functionality similar to jupyter_server_proxy, but for already running local services?
Is there a way to tweak/configure jupyter_server_proxy to handle this?

All help is really appreciated.

I’m afraid it’s not supported at the moment.

You might be able to subclass jupyter-server-proxy to add a custom handler?

Thanks for your reply @manics.
I’ll look into that.

Any suggestions/pointers for where to begin?

There’s a discussion on how to add this feature in Make port checking optional by ryshoooo · Pull Request #339 · jupyterhub/jupyter-server-proxy · GitHub


This is exactly what I am looking for.