How to Access localhost:5151 of user pod

I have deployed JupyterHub using helm chart . All working good. However, a user is launching a app within user pod (ipkernal) at port 5151. App support proxy. However , when setting proxy url to notebook domain, its is showing notebook itself. Seems like route info to user pod at port 5151 need to configured. How to do this ? can some one help ?

Please see screen print attached

@consideRatio if you could help possibly ?

You would need to use something like jupyter-server-proxy to proxy additional local ports.

@minrk thanks for input. I have a follow up question. This i want to do to one of the profile list , so where do i set this ? i am generating dynamic profile based on user AD group. Is there a kubespawner_override attribute where i can set this to start the server proxy in that profile user pod ? if so , can you help me one samle example ?

i managed to make it work , thanks for the hint…