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Hi Team,

I am Deepika Ramesh. I work as Information Security Engineer at Blue River Technology. I would like to know if Jupyter notebook has a strong password requirements(Like min 14 or 16 characters), or MFA or SAML integration. Please let me know.

Hi @Deepika , The password requirements will depends on which authentication provider you deploy with your installation.

If you deploy in a hosted context, I’m assuming you use jupyterHub, at which point you can use for example a SAML plugin (GitHub - ucsd-ets/jupyterhub-saml-auth) , or OAuth plugin (GitHub - jupyterhub/oauthenticator: OAuth + JupyterHub Authenticator = OAuthenticator); when you use those then the password requirement/2FA are up to your provider.

In general you can write your own authenticator that has any requirements you like, for example password purgatory

@carreau Thank you for the information.

May i please know if there is any documentation for integrating Jupyter notebook with Okta?

Hi @Deepika, I don’t know of any specifics for Okta. However, you should be able to use the generic JupyterHub OAuthenticator plugin to authenticate users against your Okta instance. Take a look at Okta’s docs about OAuth and OIDC.