Help! Oauth access token usage strategy for flask and Z2JH

Hello everyone,

I have a use case where I am getting some information from the user and modifying config.yaml to do helm upgrade.

I am authenticating user with OKTA, is it possible to use the same access token to let user get on Jupyterhub? How do I do it? Also is it the best approach? Any guidance will be really helpful. Thanks.

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You might find this post on using OKTA with Z2JH useful:

If I understand correctly OKTA uses OAuth, so you should only have to log in once and when another app authenticates you it should redirect you to the OKTA server, which will see that you’ve previously logged in through the same browser session to your flask app.

Thanks for the reply. Manics. I tried Okta with Jupyterhub and it worked fine and same goes for my flask service. But when I put my flask service just in front of JHub, it asks for authentication twice. I want to avoid it. That is it. I can consider other options (Like not have service sit in front of JHub). But before doing that just wanted to know if there is a better way to do this.