About jupyter labextension - link v.s. install

Hi guys,
I’m not quit sure what’s the differences between jupyter labextension install . and jupyter labextension link ., can someone explain this?

The link command is mainly intended to link any local file-system dependencies you have which are not jupyterlab extensions (e.g. a dependency of an extension you have). install handles both installation of extensions by name, or by a folder path on the local file system The distinction between the two has gotten a little blurred over time, so link now checks if the package is an extension first (after checking that it is indeed a local filesystem path), and if so calls install internally. So:

  • If you want to be carefully correct, use install for extensions and link for local, non-extension packages.
  • If you just want to keep it simple, use link for all local packages, and install for all packages from the NPM registry (e.g. when installing by package name).

Good to know, thanks for the help