Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes

Manage to setup this deployment on ubuntu microk8s easily with helm couple of queries on how to further customize the setup

  1. in the config.yaml file, i am using Active directory as the default security authentication. How do i parse the account credential as a secret and not in clear text?

filter: ‘({login_attr}={login})’
user: ‘ldap_search_user_technical_account’
password: ‘secret’

  1. In order to run gpu on the notebook, i would need to use a docker image that has nvidia docker inside? i saw a docker image from cschranz/gpu-jupyter and i will be using that… on my microk8s level do i still have to enable gpu addons?

  2. Let say i have a user who is using a minimal notebook image and realize he requires more frameworks to be installed, we managed to sync down a internal pypi mirror, how can we tweak to pip install from that mirror? we have to recompile our docker image to include to point the pip repo in /etc/pip.conf?

For qn2 how do i limit the shares to the gpu card too? 1 gpu card per notebook? If i have 1 gpu card only how is this being shared if multiple gpu notebook pods are spun up?