Set runtimeClassName for GPU-enabled images


I’m using k3s to set up a Kubernetes cluster with JupyterHub to run on a GPU-enabled server. However, when I spin up an image, I don’t get any GPU devices, nor does nvidia-smi work.

When running the example code on the JupyterHub docs, the GPU is schedulable and when deploying my own pod, I can run nvidia-smi just fine. The thing is that k3s requires the runtimeClassName to be set, which is not the case for the Jupyter-launched pods. Is there a way to enable this?

You should be able to set extra parameters using KubeSpawner.extra_pod_config:

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Oh I didn’t think about modifying the Spawner itself, thank you for the tip!

I guess I would use this setting then in my config?

Yes. You could also use hub.config

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