XSRF Errors on Relatively Newer Z2JH Version

Hi all, what is the current status of the XSRF changes?

Although I’ve updated to Helm Chart 3.3.6 and JupyterHub 4.1.4, I’m still getting some XSRF errors in Z2JH: 403 Forbidden: XSRF cookie does not match POST argument. This appears to occur when someone goes back into the hub after having left for a period of time. Does upgrading to Helm Chart 3.3.7 and JupyterHub 4.1.5 resolve?

JupyterHub 4.1.5 includes some XRSF bug fixes, you can see the changelog here.

You haven’t provided enough information to tell whether you’ve hit a known bug or a new one though.

Thanks, @manics. I’ll upgrade once the semester is over and if it still occurs I’ll file a proper issue.

Great! Make sure you upgrade JupyterHub in the singleuser image too (provides jupyterhub-singleuser)

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