Write up of installation of JupyterHub on CentOS 8 server

I recently set up a JupyterHub on a CentOS 8 server on Azure. I would normally set up a hub on Kubernetes (with Zero to JupyterHub) but I was helping a team that had an internal CentOS 8 bare metal server at their institute and wanted to set up a hub on that for their team. I did the set up on an Azure VM so I could replicate the steps they needed to follow (mostly) on their server.

Here is the full write-up in case it is useful for others doing something similar.


Just wanted to say thanks!
I wasn’t happy with my TLJH installation, and I’ve replaced it with a “bare metal” one, in part following your walk-through!

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Thanks! That is great to hear that it was helpful. I also added instructions on setting up https and authentication via GitHub. https://medium.com/@eli.holmes/setting-up-https-on-a-centos-8-server-081e8c51eea0 and Setting up GitHub authentication on a JupyterHub on a CentOS 8 server | by Eli Holmes | Oct, 2023 | Medium