Where would an nbconvert category go?

In a recent thread, the idea came up to have a place in the Community Forum to discuss nbconvert questions and general conversation. So a couple questions:

  1. Is that something that the nbconvert core maintainers would like? (cc @t-makaro @MSeal @mpacer and feel free to cc others!)
  2. If so, where would be a good place for this? Maybe another high-level category like “Document formats” and underneath this a sub-category for nbconvert?

Would love to hear thoughts!

It’s probably correct to have such a label. Maybe let’s see if the new nbconvert issue template patterns helps point people to this forum.

I’m not sure I’d know to look for “nbconvert” under “Document formats” if I arrived at Discourse as a new user. Maybe this is better under Q&A?

I think Q&A was primarily meant to be a one-stop place for general questions that didn’t fit elsewhere, the plan (so far) was to not create sub-categories under there. :-/

What could be a different high-level category that works? Some other random ones that come to mind :slight_smile:

  • Jupyter Documents
  • Interactive Documents
  • Notebook Documents

We already have project level categories — I see no reason why we couldn’t make it nbconvert for now and expand it as necessary.

Especially if we spin off the execution parts of nbconvert into its own library, then we might want to consider reconsolidating.

Is retitling things later an option?


That’s a good point!

Lemme look into what happens to links etc if a category is moved. I think it’s better to have it up here as a place to have conversations and move it later rather than not have anything because we’re trying to find the perfect setup.

I made one here! https://discourse.jupyter.org/c/nbconvert

we should start encouraging folks to post there!

note that if we want to move this category later, the category page link will break, but the link to any individual topics in the category will still work just fine (for example, I’ve moved all of the posts that explicitly mentioned nbconvert to be under the nbconvert category!)

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Great start! I like that the category isn’t empty to begin with :slight_smile:

How is the order of categories on the left-hand side of https://discourse.jupyter.org/ determined? When sorting manually, I would have placed the new category somewhere above “Meta”. Right now, it’s at the bottom and hard to find unless you’re looking for it.

good point, I’ll move it up - it was just put at the end by default :slight_smile:

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