Where to find the dev state of Real Time Collaboration in JupyterLab?

Hey all - I was at a conference last week speaking with somebody that was curious about the work that has been / is being done on real-time collaboration in JupyterLab. I know this is something that has been in the works for a long time, so this isn’t a “when will this be finished” question, it is a “where can people go to stay updated on progress?” question.

Right now there are various issues in the jupyterlab/jupyterlab repo, as well as a jupyterlab-rtc repository under @ellisonbg’s account. I assume there’s conversation etc elsewhere as well.

Is there a single place that I should recommend people look if they are interested in following along with this conversation? (esp if they’re interested in contributing cycles to this)

cc @ian-r-rose who I believe was working on this a while back?

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Here’s a link to the issue with current discussion: https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/issues/5382

Here’s a link to the current draft PR adding datastore to JupyterLab.

“Datastore” is the magic keyword to use when searching for issues on JupyterLab.

Min even posted a GIF showing a preliminary demo!


There is also a demo heroku app (not with JupyterLab, but using the underlying tech) here. Not really a place to find up-to-date information, but perhaps interesting to play with.

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