Where is version_info for ipywidgets version 8 ? Which versions are at which stage (stable, development, test ... etc.)

Thought I would try out version 8 to see what my code did.

> pip install ipywidgets==8.0.0b0

It crashed on the second line. LOL.

Screenshot from 2021-11-25 11-56-21

Has version info moved to a different place?

I found the github: GitHub - jupyter-widgets/ipywidgets: Interactive Widgets for the Jupyter Notebook
there are releases listed, the latest being 7.6.3 from February last year.
The docs there:
ipywidgets — Jupyter Widgets 7.6.5 documentation
User Guide — Jupyter Widgets 7.6.5 documentation
seem to correspond to version 7.6.3.

The documents don’t list the version they apply to in the front matter. The version can be found in the change log at the end. It is also in the page title, but the tab area the title goes in truncates the title. The full title can be found in the title tag by opening the debugger, or by opening the history manager.

Google searches keep giving me the documentation
note it says “latest” instead of “stable” in the URL.
This is the documentation for 8.0.0b0, but the title gets truncated in the tab, and the front matter does not label it as such. The change log shows version 8 changes.

It sure would be helpful if the top of the docs said what version they applied to.

Screenshot from 2021-11-25 18-07-59

Ah, I see, the ‘latest’ just there under the “Jupyter Widgets”. Latest being version 8. While version 7 shows as ‘stable’.

I have been mixing info from the two version. Alas, now I have designed in that stacked widget.


Crash seems a bit harsh, in this case.

Part of the benefit to getting to offer a major version bump is that a lot of the packaging (and legacy packaging dependencies) have been normalized, and the urge to cut old cruft is very strong.

It looks like version_info was removed around a6. The more broadly-implemented __version__ string remains. As it is still in beta, if you wish to see version_info restored, this is a great opportunity to make a PR!

LOL yes, crashed is harsh. Getting started pains is more accurate. __version__ instead is fine.

Because I mixed the docs without noticing the code has a Stacked widget. This is what happened after pip install with version 8 and running the Stacked example:

Screenshot from 2021-11-25 18-13-15

But this same effect can be accomplished by saving children and then rewriting the child list. So all good.