Ipywidgets 8.0.0rc0 prerelease - please test

We’ve released ipywidgets 8.0rc0. Please test and file an issue at GitHub - jupyter-widgets/ipywidgets: Interactive Widgets for the Jupyter Notebook if you see any problems.

Install it with either

pip install --pre ipywidgets=8.0.0rc0


conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab ipywidgets==8.0.0rc0 -c conda-forge/label/ipywidgets_rc -c conda-forge/label/widgetsnbextension_rc -c conda-forge/label/jupyterlab_widgets_rc

Awesome stuff!

Here’s a binder with the conda-forge deps (and some sundry other things):

Xeus and IPython seem fine, but robotkernel seems kinda sad. We’ll take a look into it.

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Of note: the PyPI page is all but empty!

Thanks. I created pypi page for ipywidgets 8 is empty · Issue #3439 · jupyter-widgets/ipywidgets · GitHub to track this.