Where is the best place to save audio?

We are saving base64 encoded audio to the Notebook metadata. Displaying the metadata in the right Panel locks up the window when it contains large amounts of data.

Does anyone have a recommendation for where to store large amounts of data in the Notebook? Or, is there a way to specify that a metadata key should not be displayed in the right Panel?

Interesting observation, I have not considered such implications of saving large blobs to Notebook metadata before. Markdown and raw cells have attachments, may be worth exploring? This is how most embedded pictures are saved and these are not shown as blobs in metadata. The downside is it requires the notebook to always have that markdown/raw cell. Setting it to read-only would help a little bit, but we need someone to contribute fixes so that the read-only cells are not as easy to remove in the first place. Or maybe we should explore if notebooks should have attachments too? I don’t know if this is already possible, but if not that would be a substantial change

Or, if you do not need it to be saved per notebook then there are IStateDB and friends.

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