Problems using metadata

I am totally new to jupyter and have a likely very naive question:
I am trying to hide my in- and/or output from html (it should be visible by expanding it though). I found that you need to put
“tags”: [
into the metadata. Now, this is what I did:
1.) I created a cell and wrote e.g. “3+3” into it.
2.) I clicked “cell tools” on the left
3.) I put the above text into the tab “edit metadata”
4.) I executed the cell by shift+enter
5.) I click on cell tools again: The metadata is gone…

What am I doing wrong? Do I need an extension to the jupyter lab?
Thanks for helping!

After step 3, before evaluating the cell, make sure to save the metadata by clicking the checkmark above the metadata edit box:


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Oh! I actually did not even have the tick symbol for saving.

Apparently something had gone wrong with the correct tabs. I re-entered the code with the correct tabs, got the tick and could save the metadata.

Only problem that I have now, is that the output still shows up int the HTML that I create by “File”->“Export Notebook as” -> “HTML”. Do I have to add special commands there?

The checkmark only shows up if it is valid JSON. (Yes, the UX could be improved a lot.)

I don’t know if nbconvert (what is used there to export) understands that metadata. That’s a good question for the nbconvert subproject.

Where would I have to ask that then? I am slightly confused, since all documentations only seem to give you half of the truth… Sorry and thanks for the help!