Edit Notebook metadata

I am using Jupyter Lab 4.0.5 (Jupyter Notebook 7.0.3) and would like to edit the Notebook or Cell Metadata. I do have the Settings right side window with Advanced Tools open to see the property inspector windows with the cell and notebook metadata. When I edit the notebook metadata directly in the window and save the notebook, the changes are not saved and revert back to what was originally in the property inspector window. Even if I use Jupyter Notebook alone, I cannot edit the notebook metadata as it loses all changes.

I have a workaround of using Notepad++ to edit the metadata but would like to do so directly in Jupyter Lab or Notebook.

I have used an older version of Jupyter Notebook with “Edit Notebook Metadata” in the “Edit Menu” and could edit the notebook metadata. Is there something similar I should do to enable the Advance Tools property windows to be editable rather than read only?

Thank you for helping.