When will JupyterLab 3 be released?

Hi, I’m having a very difficult time finding when JupyterLab 3 is expected to be released.

I’ve searched the messages here, followed the GitHub 3.0 release ticket, etc.

I’m teaching a class where I’d love to get students to install the latest version of JupyterLab and use the new built-in debugger to step through the code.

If JL 3 will indeed be ready by early 2021, then I can even install a release candidate and start testing my lecture notes, custom magic commands, etc. If the release is a few months away, then I can work on other things.


Our current plan is to release by the end of the year.


I’ve updated the 3.0 milestone and pinned issue with that date. Thanks for flagging that those needed updating.


Thanks for the update @jasongrout , really appreciate your work on this

Thanks for making the change. I’m extremely excited about being able to step through programs in my lectures!

Not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but will the 3.0 release be installable via conda immediately after release or is there a major lag?

@Shahbaz It should now be available: