What is the recommended way to build jupyterlab docker image locally?

Hi there,
I want to do some modification to the lab code and build a docker image locally.
Since the docker build script and Dockerfile has been removed recently, what’s the recommended way to build a lab docker image locally now?


The way I find possible is to build a wheel package locally, then create a Dockerfile to build the image with jupyter/base-notebook as the base image and install the built wheel package in the Dockerfile. Other people with more expertise on this please correct me and add more information.

However, after modifying and building source under packages directory, we have to manually copy the built file into staging directory for it to be packaged into wheel package.

For example, after modifying files under packages/docregistry, we should do:

jlpm run build
cp -r packages/docregistry/lib jupyterlab/staging/node_modules/@jupyterlab/docregistry/
python -m build

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