What all are the best ways to change the look and feel of jupyterlab?

I am trying to change the look and feel of jupyterlab. As part of this effort I am changing some of the icons, color themes and also customizing the cell and notebook look and feel of jupyterlab interface. Any documents on this so that I can read and start giving a try?

This was good advice from early last year. It may give you an idea what to look for further around this forum and other places.

One update there: the theme cookiecutter has been merged with the main cookiecutter.

Wholesale changing of icons is… actually really annoyingly hard. About the only way is to pull the hot, global icon objects themselves from @jupyterlab/ui-compoments, and overload their svgStr directly. A few of them get used really early, so you may have to dig around for them… or overload their implementations entirely.

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