W4A Hackathon on Accessibility of JupyterLab

W4A Hackathon on Accessibility of JupyterLab

at the Lighthouse, San Francisco, May 15 & 16 2019

The Web-4-All conference is the premiere venue for all aspects of web accessibility research. It will be held this year in conjunction with the Web conference May 13 & 14 in San Francisco. Traditionally W4A has a post conference hackathon in which some of the delegates identify and tackle accessibility problems in widely used open source software libraries. In previous years we have worked on libraries for online presentations or online assessment platforms for HR departments. The hackathon often resulted in valuable contributions, important patches and successful pull requests for these libraries.

This year the hackathon will be organised jointly with PEAT, The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology, and the DIAGRAM Center, a Benetech Global Literacy initiative, on production and provision of accessible educational materials. We are sponsored by the Microsoft Cooperation and hosted by the Lighthouse For The Blind And Visually Impaired in San Francisco.

For this year we have decided to put our main focus on accessibility of JupyterLab as a web technology for interactive programming and data visualisation that is widely used in industry and education.

So if you are a Jupyter developer, how can you contribute?

Before the Hackathon:

Over the next two weeks we will setup the environment for participants of the hackathon as well as identify and collate accessibility issues that can be tackled at the hackathon. We therefore welcome

  • Contributions in the form of feedback on the setup, environment and any other technical help.

  • If you are aware of accessibility issues or can help us triage them in terms of feasibility for a hackathon format, please let us know.

During the Hackathon:

In person:

If you want to participate in person for the full hackathon, please sign up here:

Attendance is free, catering will be provided, but places are limited, so please sign up as soon as possible.

If you work or live in the area and have a couple of hours to spare during the hackathon (day, evening, or night) please get in touch with us and we can surely accommodate you.


If you want to participate in the hackathon remotely, please let us know and we can bring you in via video conferencing (Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Appear.in, etc.)

We will have one or multiple dedicated slack channels online during the hackathon. In particular, we will have one channel dedicated to technical questions and problems, where help from developers will be appreciated. So if you can spare some time during the two days of the hackathon and be active on these channels you could make an invaluable contribution. Our main slack channel will be: web4allhackathon2019 but others will be created and announced throughout the event.

For more information please contact us at
gc2019@w4a.info or info@diagramcenter.org