Voila scalability

Hi All… my company wants me to run voila on multiple servers and support 500+ users. Is this even feasible? or has anyone done this? So far i’ve got it to like work on 1 Linux server and it seems a bit slow.
Any feedback would be great.

p.s. I am trying to find if it is being used at scale or should be used for a single laptop Jupyter user use-case.

Thank you

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I’m not aware of large scale use of voila. JupyterHub is more heavyweight than you probably need for something like voila dashboards. Unless you also want to use the same environment for creating the dashboards in the first place - then it starts to make sense.

Because of the relatively isolated nature of voila, depending on what the dashboards are doing, you could deploy voila directly with kubernetes and scale up replicas pretty easily (I think). But that’s a lot of boilerplate and I don’t think there’s a ready-made solution that I’m aware of.

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