Voilà and Classic Notebook instead of JupyterLab


Is there a way to use Voilà with the Classic Notebook instead of JupyterLab which is now the default option on Binder?

My old link used to be

but now the widgets are not responsive.

Thank you.

Hi, do any of the suggestions in this thread help? Classic notebook instead of jupyterlab on mybinder.org

I think the default now being JupyterLab and your widgets failing now is coincidence. Your widgets don’t work in the classic notebook interface either. There were updates to ipywidgets over the last few years. Some folks still have been using older methods that aren’t supported.

Updated version that works in launches from your repo can be grabbed from here.
I only worked on the bottom one that had widgets; however, I don’t think it messed up the upper one.

Biggest changes I made:

  • added use of interactive() in bottom code cell.
  • replaced return with plt.show() in penultimate code cell
  • removed pylab except for the adjustments to the size you were using.

See information behind updates here and here.

I’ll add that the fixed version presently also seems to work well in JupyterLab notebook interface. And pressing the Voila button in the upper toolbar opens a Voila window to the side where it works, too. Continues to work in the classic notebook interface as well.



Thank you for your help!