Using wget with jupyter lab (folder permissions)

Hi guys;

I’m using !wget inside a cell to download an excel file online. I can do this no problem, but when I try to download to a directory called “/datasets”, it tells me “Permission Denied: cannot access directory”.

I’m not sure how to solve this issue, I’ve tried searching “how to give root access to jupyter lab” but I don’t get anywhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to fix this issue?

Many thanks!

Does the folder exist in advance? Does creating it before trying to put files into it help? The average, non-root user often cannot write to /.

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Yes, try ./datasets to put it relative to the current directory. Or /home/jovyan/work/datasets (after creating the directory).

The folder does exist, and I’ve even gone as far as giving it “everyone” permission in Linux.